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The following ASME report titled “Metering Performance Investigation and Substantiation of the Universal Venturi Tube (UVT)” is the design paper submitted to and approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) concerning the hydraulic design and its substantiation data for the BIF Universal Venturi Tube. It includes data and discussions of such important topics as:

1. Derivation of the UVT Hydraulic Shape
2. Uncalibrated Discharge Coefficient curve shape
3. Expected Discharge Coefficient variation due to Line Size, Beta Ratio, Inlet Reynolds Number
4. Upstream installation effects
5. Effect of downstream flow irritations such as valves on metering accuracy
6. Investigation of typical headloss of the UVT
7. Conclusions of the design of the patented Universal Venturi Hydraulic Shape.

Click HERE to view ASME Report PDF