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20181 Cast Iron Venturi

20181 UVT

Model 20181 - Cast/Ductile Iron Universal Venturi Tubecast iron UVT
Available Sizes from 4" to 60"
316 Stainless Steel Throat Material Standard
Flange Ratings Meeting ANSI Standards
Interior Surfaces Coated with Universal Epoxy
  Coating Meeting ANSI/NSF-61 Standard
Accuracy of ±0.5% of actual flow rate (Uncalibrated)
Calibrated Accuracy’s of ±0.25% of actual
  flow rate available
Standard product warranty of 25 years

The Model 20181 Universal Venturi Tube (UVT) is a differential producing, primary measurement device for accurately metering water, sewage, air and other fluids for both municipal and industrial applications.

The Model 20181 Cast Iron venturi is a multipurpose, short laying length, efficient and economical device that is time proven and unmatched in the industry. It’s genesis is the clear leader for proven, substantiated, and documented performance.

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