These products are designed to complement BIF’s line of primary elements.

Vent Cleaner – Model 20100

Vent Cleaner – Model 20100

Vent cleaners alloy you to manually clear the piezometer ports of your flow meter. They can be installed on all Model 2081, 20614, 20610, 20620 and most full body 20183s. These are useful in applications where solids are present, or where the fluid may “plate out” on the venturi surfaces.

Model 20181 - Cast/Ductile Iron Universal Venturi Tube

Sediment Trap – Model 9399

The sediment trap is used in filter loss of head applications. The trap installs through the wall of the filter and connects to the High-Pressure side of your loss of head transmitter. The sediment trap stops filter media and other sediment from collecting in the impulse lines.

Intermittent Purge System (IPS) – Model 20395

Intermittent Purge System (IPS) – Model 20395

The BIF IPS is designed to give you high reliability and low maintenance in wastewater flow measurement applications. The IPS includes a purge pane with an integrated Rosemount differential pressure transmitter and a control panel that notifies your SCADA system when a purge is taking place.

Flow Monitoring and Control Station

Flow Monitoring and Control Station – Models 40100 and 40200

The Model 40100 monitor and 40200 control station provide local display of the flow rate as well as local control if needed.

  • Model 40100 - Flow measurement
  • Model 40200 - Flow measurement and control

Both versions include a corrosion resistant enclosure with a differential pressure transmitter, local display and power supply. With the control option a PID controller is installed along with local setpoint capability. When paired with a BIF Rate of Flow Controller and valve actuator you have a complete standalone control system.