Hydraulic Contour

The UVT’s Unique Hydraulic Contour

BIF UVTs high accuracy with an energy efficient design & operation

The BIF Universal Venturi Tube is the most accurate flow measuring primary element available for the vital measurements of water and wastewater. Extensive, long term testing and calibration have enabled BIF to guarantee the accuracy of each UVT.

This is critical in such applications as:

    Custody Transfer Billing
  • Inaccurate flow measurements can result in lost revenue or extra expense whether you are a regional wastewater processor or water treatment plant.

  • Optimizing Chemical Addition
  • Accurate flow measurements can reduce the “fudge factor” of expensive chemical usage to ensure complete chemical effectiveness.

  • Upstream and Laying Length Piping Reduction
  • Reduces installation costs without affecting flow measurement.

  • Upsets Due To Storms or Unexpected Flows
  • These conditions cause extreme flow variations. The BIF UVT's stable flow measurements over a wide range of Reynolds Numbers can measure these flows reliably.