Venturi Cutaway

Venturi Meter Manufacturer

  • Model 20181 Cast Iron
  • Model 20182 Grouted in Unit
  • Model 20182 Plastic Insert (2" thru 4")
  • Model 20182 (2" thru 4")
  • Model 20183 Fabricated
  • Model 201610 Rate of Flow Controller
  • Model 201614 Rate of Flow Controller

This table is for convenience and assistance in sizing of the Universal Venturi Flowmeters only. It is based on the available standard throat diameters. The values shown are approximate values only, therefore the calculations will be approximations.

It should in no way be considered a final sizing or final calculation for any specific Universal Venturi Tube or venturi flow tube application.

Please contact your local Bif Representative or the BIF Factory at 330-564-0941 for actual complete calculations and data on specific venturi flowmeters or specific application such as gas metering or non-homogeneous liquid flow measurement.