Based on experience gained from over 100 years in the flow measurement industry, BIF has developed a unique line of products to serve your needs.

Through extensive R&D BIF developed the Universal Venturi Tube (UVT). The UVT is a unique, differential producing primary element for accurately metering flow. Several models are now available, each produced following UVT design for accurate, reliable measurement of flow.

Click HERE to learn what make the BIF UVT the standard in flow measurement In addition to the UVT design BIF manufacturers a variety of other flow measurement products and accessories.

Model 20181

Cast Iron UVT – Model 20181

The Model 20181 Universal Venturi Tube is a short laying length, differential producing, primary element. The 20181 was originally designed for water and sewage, but it works equally well in other applications. The Cast Iron UVT features an uncalibrated accuracy of ±0.5% and a warranty of 25 years.

Cast Iron UVT Applications:
  • Water
  • Sewage

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Model 20182

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) UVT – Model 20182

The Model 20182 Universal Venturi Tube can be ordered in all FRP construction or with a stainless-steel throat section. It features the same high accuracy as the Model 20181, but is lighter weight, lower cost and easier to install.

Fiberglass UVT Applications:
  • Air
  • Water
  • Corrosive Fluids

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Model 20183

Fabricated UVT – Model 20183

The Model 20183 features the UVT’s high accuracy, but is custom designed and built for your application. It is available in a wide range of sizes and materials for any installation. The Model 20183 can also be supplied in applications where both forward and reverse flows are possible. The Fabricated UVT can be designed as a full body pressure containing venturi, or as an insert style venturi similar to the Model 20182.

Fabricated Bi-Directional UVT Applications:
  • Corrosive Liquids & Gasses
  • High Pressure & Temperature
  • Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Very Large Line Sizes

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BIF’s line or rate of flow controllers ranges from the integral venturi and valve model 20610, to the super short laying length model 20620. Each rate of flow controller is designed for the optimal combination of flow measurement and control.

Model 20610

Integral Rate of Flow Controller – Model 20610

The BIF Model 20610 is a fourth-generation rate of flow controller that utilizes the high accuracy venturi form of the BIF Universal Venturi Tube. The excellent performance from the UVT combined with an optimally sized valve, aids in giving the rate controller a high repeatability ±3% over a 4:1 flow rate range. The Model 20610 Rate of Flow Controller also incorporates an integral butterfly valve as the final control element. This butterfly valve is unique in the industry in that it has a field adjustable and replaceable valve seat. Due to the integral valve design, the Model 20610 features a shorter laying length than most separate tube and valve combinations.

Model 20610 Rate of Flow Controller Applications:
  • Filter Effluent
  • Backwash Control

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Model 20614

Separate Meter and Valve Controller Assembly – Model 20614

The Model 20614 is BIF’s solution for customers who want a tested and assembled rate of flow controller, but have standardized their plant on one valve manufacturer. This product combines the proven UVT meter design with a separate butterfly valve. Valves are sized for optimal performance. In cases where a less than line size valve is used, an adapter is assembled to the valve for easy installation. Most standard AWWA style valves can be used in the model 20614.

Model 20614 Rate of Flow Controller Assembly Applications:
  • Filter Effluent
  • Filter Effluent
  • Backwash Control
  • Process Control

Model 20620

Short Laying Length Controller Assembly – Model 20620

The Model 20620 was designed as a direct bolt in replacement for existing BIF Model 603 Rate of Flow Controllers. The Model 603 has been in operation for decades in plants all over the world, you may have one in your plant. This is BIF’s shortest laying length flow controller. Like the Model 20614 the valve is sized for optimal performance and an adapter is assembled to the valve for easy installation.

Model 20620 Rate of Flow Controller Assembly Applications:
  • Replacement of Existing 603 Controller
  • Tight Piping Arrangements

Model 20135

Kennison Nozzle – Model 20135

The BIF Kennison Nozzle features a non-clogging design and easy installation. It accurately measures flow over a wide range of rates.

Kennison Nozzle Applications:
  • Partially Filled Pipes
  • Open Discharge Applications
  • Flow into Tanks
  • Flow Containing Solids

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These products are designed to complement BIF’s line of primary elements. Click HERE for more information on BIF’s line of flow metering accessories