Model 20610 - Flow Controller

Model 20610 - Flow Controller

  • Line Sizes 6" to 24"
  • Choice of Operators
  • Low Installed Cost
  • Tight Closing Butterfly Valve
  • Minimized Laying Length for Tight Fits

The BIF Model 20610 is a fourth generation rate of flow controller that utilizes the high accuracy venturi form of the BIF Universal Venturi Tube (UVT®). The Universal venturi Tube gives this rate of flow controller a high metering accuracy at ±0.5% of actual flow rate and also gives a very stable flow signal to aid in control loop setup and tuning. This excellent performance from the UVT also aids in giving the rate controller a high repeatability ±3% over a 4:1 flow rate range. For accuracy and repeatability your rate control system needs a BIF Model 20610 Rate of Flow Controller

The Model 20610 Rate of Flow Controller also incorporates an integral butterfly valve as the final control element. This butterfly valve is unique in the industry in that it has a designed in field adjustable and field replaceable valve seat. No more replacing the whole valve when a seat leak occurs. With the BIF valve design just adjust a couple of set screws to extrude the seat further into the waterway and the valve seals like new.

This patented BIF design also allows for quick and easy seat replacement should the seat become unserviceable to such an extent that a simple adjustment is not sufficient. The old seat is simply snapped out of its holding groove in the valve body and the new seat snapped into place. The seat configuration is so dependable that BIF warrants the seat assembly for 15 years against defects in materials or workmanship. No other valve company in North America will warrant their valve for this period.

The valve designed into the Model 20610 Integral Rate of Flow Controller is also sized for optimum controllability. This means typically that the valve is one line size smaller than the nominal inlet of the rate controller. This valve optimization puts the control in the linear control range of the butterfly valve and thus aids in quieting the control loop causing less “hunting” for the proper control point.

Combining the high accuracy UVTY with a well-designed and properly sized butterfly control valve in a short flange to flange length yields a long service life, high accuracy and high repeatability for your rate control needs. The BIF Model 20610 Integral Rate of Flow Controller.